Why Recycle?

It’s Simple . . . the alternative is unthinkable and wrong !

Recycling mattresses far outweighs burying or burning them
when it comes to carbon emission reductions

With over 6 million+ entering the waste stream every year then that’s more than 5 million
that are completely destroyed and those valuable recyclable materials lost forever



The outer layer is sliced apart which exposes the inner layers and spring unit. Once they are all removed from each other then virtually everything can and does get reused to manufacture new products



Mattresses are either thrown straight into an incinerator or they are first shredded using a huge machine just to recover the metal and then all the other mixed textiles are then burnt which is a huge release of CO2 & a waste of resources



At one time this was the easier and cheaper option but we all now know that landfill capacity is running out fast and it is the worst of all the options as far as waste disposal is concerned as it offers zero benefits environmentally

What Is The
Carbon Recovery
Benefit of Choosing Recycling Versus the Harmful Action of
Landfill & Incineration ?

(Very Good)






(Very Bad)




Recycling materials from the waste stream means that carbon dioxide has been “recovered” since energy doesn’t have to be used to make new materials that would otherwise be destroyed and lost forever if landfilled or incinerated


Doing Our Bit To Help

 Mattresses may not be the most important waste stream
that there is but they are’n going away anytime soon so
we decided to do what we could to help resolve the
issue and recycle and reuse the materials from
as many waste mattresses as we could 


Every part of a mattress or a bed base unit can be recycled with some materials being more easily reused than others. Currently, we reuse more
than 98% of all mattress component materials to be pre-treated and then sold on to businesses who then use those to manufacture products such as Soundproofing, Underlay, Insulation, Laminate Flooring, Furniture Padding, Furniture Stuffing, Entrance Matts, Boot Liners and many many more


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