We don't just recycle mattresses

but also bed bases, headboards and pillows too

In a nutshell, virtually nothing goes to waste as we recycle almost everything and make great use of all the materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill


Divan Bed Bases


Pillows & Duvets

 our mattress recycling service is designed to meet any demand


We use both a manual and a semi-automated system in order to completely deconstruct and recycle all mattresses. All of our staff go through extensive training and are fully kitted out in essential protective equipment

Each layer of every single mattress is deconstructed, with some of them by hand tools and others by mechanical process

The materials are then retained in separate holding vessels before being processed and pre-treated  and then packaged to our customers requirements and sent to them where they manufacture new products

Logistics & Transport

Most of our clients usually deliver into us via their own transport but where this isn’t possible then we can offer a solution to meet most requirements

We regularly use trusted transportation partners that understand our need to assist customers in minimising their carbon footprint when sending waste mattresses and bed base units to us by optimising the most efficient routes and utilising vehicle space no matter if that is a small Luton van or full trailer sized load

As such, we are currently in development of a transportation system that has been designed for another industry that is showing promising prospects of being adapted to the bulky waste industry. This will not only be a valuable carbon saving for large volumes of mattresses but massively reduce costs by almost 66% as we will be able to load more than 500+ mattresses in one single journey

Waste Mattress Management

Waste mattresses come in a huge variety of sizes and types from quite light weight baby cot sized foam ones right up to bespoke double pocket spring mattresses that are larger than a Super-King and extremely heavy and tricky to manoeuvre

Therefore, in order to maximise processing efficiency, it is essential we work closely with our customers to understand  the type and variety of load that will be arriving prior to delivery so that we can ensure we have the most efficient unloading system in place ready to go when the vehicle arrives

We book all loads onto our in-house computer system which itemises each mattress by size and enables us to produce reports required by clients such as Local Authorities but also helps us identify the number and type of mattresses we have and which section of our goods-in storage unit they have been placed

Bed Base Management


Divan Bed Base units are a little easier to manage in that there are fewer size differences than mattresses but nevertheless still offer up their own challenges

Fortunately, our booking in system allows us to quickly and efficiently segregate them into their sizes and types which maximises unloading efficiency to enable vehicles to be turned around in double quick time

We use a pallet numbering system for both storage and processing, which offers us a continuous accurate record of the exact number and types of Divan units we have in store, both processed and unprocessed at any one time allowing us to produce audit reports for those clients which require them

Keeping You Compliant


We have WAMITAB certified staff on site at all times and offer all of our clients the right documentation required to process their recyclable waste materials. Upon arrival of any load, we issue a full unloading checklist, and duty of care documents

We also issue upon request, copies of our Employers and Public Liability insurance certificates as well as a complete suite of Health & Safety and  Policy documentation