Here’s what we can do for Retailers & Contract Bed Companies

We offer a mattress and bed base recycling service that helps facilitate your business

We manually deconstruct old or waste mattresses that you take away from your clients whilst delivering new ones and then make good use of those very materials to companies that manufacture new products

Virtually every single part of every waste mattress can be recycled and reused. However, currently more than 70% of waste mattresses in the UK still end up in landfill and a further 15% just get shredded to recover the metal and then the rest of the materials are needlessly  incinerated which is both an unacceptable and unnecessary disposal method.  

Your Retail and or Contract Bed customers are confident that you will deal with their old mattresses in an environmentally positive way

Your customers like dealing with you as you act responsibly and understand the environmental issues that their customers challenge them on and consequently, often results in repeat business for you

It will cost you just £4.00+VAT per mattress for us to completely recycle the ones that you send to us

We have the capacity to recycle more than 4,000 per week so we are confident that we could comfortably handle all of yours


A customer visits your store and is impressed and motivated with the prospect that if they purchase a new mattress from you then you will take-back their old mattress and garantee to have it completely recycled

With the customer’s order firmly placed the new mattress is dispatched and sent to the customer along with other similar orders

The new mattress is un-packaged and installed in place of the old one whilst retaining the polythene bag for reuse

The old mattress is collected using the packaging that the new mattress was delivered in. The customer sees that the old mattress is being dealt with properly and destined for recycling

Once all the old waste mattresses have been collected then they are brought to us at Rematt where almost every single part of each one is recycled and each component is treated and reused to manufacture new products

Do You Operate A Take Back Scheme for Old Mattresses?

We often get feedback from our retail customers who tell us that their customers want to buy a new mattress from a store that offers such a scheme as opposed to one that doesn’t. The simple reason being that they are concerned about the environment and don’t want the old one to go to landfill or incineration as climate change is now very important to them and definitely affects their decision making process


Benefits of the Scheme

Customers are motivated to change their mattresses sooner as they feel comfortable doing so because they know that the old ones are going to good use and not contributing to poor environmental choices such as landfill or incineration


From the biggest of brand manufacturers through to the smallest of local independent retailer, we can offer a mattress and bed base recycling service that will undoubtedly impress all of their customers

Contract Bed Companies


Do you supply new mattresses to hotel chains, holiday parks, universities and other similar end user setups?Then we can recycle all of those old ones and offer a very impressive service that will help secure such contracts for you