Recycling Pillows &Duvets

Pillows & Duvets Recycled by Rematt in 2019



It goes without saying that more often than not that where you have a mattress being used, then there tends to be a duvet and some pillows too

Its deemed that on average a mattresses tends to last about 8-10 years before needing to be replaced


Pillows and Duvets on the other hand, especially from commercial organizations such as hotels and student accommodation, may need to be changed more often than the mattress

At Rematt, we can completely recycle those items and make great use of the materials



 Not all pillows and not all duvets are the same type as there are several different materials utilized and some can be recycled by us in a method that we have been using for quite some time now and some need need additional treatment and processing which, is carried out by an external company

There are probably five main pillow and three main duvet types that are commonly used in the UK today and of those we seek to recycle as many as we can although we do have to admit that some are more interesting and easy to recycle than others. However, we aren’t one to shy away from an environmental challenge and if we can help solve as best we can this one little corner of waste that otherwise goes to landfill or incineration then we’ll give it our best shot

So, if you have a lot of pillows and duvets that have come to the end of the line as far as use is concerned and you are wondering what to do with them, then why not give us a call or drop us a line to find out how we might help