Have a need to change mattresses frequently?

Hotel Industry

from stand alone independent hotels through to multi-site blue chip chains we have the experience and facilities to cater
for each and every mattress

If you manage a hotel or chain of hotels or even if you are a company that replaces the mattresses, then we can work with you to provide the final piece in the operation that ensures the old mattresses removed are then treated properly and completely recycled. If necessary, we can even sometimes arrange the whole mattress replacement service

Leisure Industry

even though this can often be a seasonal  industry, we have the capacity and systems to react and accommodate holiday parks through to caravan sites and hostels with their mattress recycling requirements

often the mattresses we receive from such places as holiday parks and caravan sites are sent to us during particular months of of the year which means that they need to be handled and processed immediately. Since we have the capacity and flexibility in our recycling centre to meet such urgent demands then our customers have the confidence to run complete site exchanges of mattresses

Student Accommodation

in the main this usually means Halls of Residence although some collective large private student accommodation landlords also use our mattress recycling service but one thing they all have in common is the need to exchange and recycle the old mattresses ethically and environmentally

Once the students go home or move out before the next term begins there is a mad panic to get the old mattresses out and the new ones in and all in a very short amount of time. However, what do you do with the old ones? Simple, get the company who delivers the new ones to take the old ones away and deliver them to us to be recycled properly and not landfilled or burnt needlessly

Designed for Speed of Service

Mattress Recycling for Hotels

We understand how important it is to our clients to have their vehicles back on the road and
moving and as such we have developed an unloading system that ensures we get the
waste mattresses off and the driver away from our site in double quick time

Excellent Vehicle Access

Hotel Mattresses Being recycled at Rematt

With a huge yard and a massive door opening then our mattress recycling centre
can cater for multiple deliveries from the largest of vehicles. 

Organized & Efficient

Mattress Recycling in Blackburn

Rematt offers its customers the right image for their brand profile
Gone are the days when recycling needs to be an unorganized, messy business
We want our customers to feel proud to be associated with us


We understand how time-critical room fit-outs can be and often the installation company needs to get in, swap everything around and clear all the old items, such as mattresses, within a very short time frame so that guests are not affected or inconvenienced in any way. But what does the installation company then do with those waste mattresses?

Simple, bring them to us, which enables the vehicle to be empty and available for the next job, it also ensures that every element of those waste mattresses are recycled and reused in new products

So avoid landfill, avoid them being burnt in an incineration plant and get them recycled properly by us and give your customers that peace of mind

Recycling Is Important

if you don’t do it then you can be sure that your competitorswill be and very soon as all things environmental right noware high up on everyone’sagenda and offering such a take-back service to ethically dispose of the waste mattresses can only serve to boost your commercial image and message to your clients that you care and understand what’s important to them and their customers