No Need to Bury or Burn

Local Authorities (Councils) & Waste Management Companies are by far the biggest handlers of waste mattresses and we can help to have the vast majority recycled properly rather than shredding and burning or landfilling needlessly

Local Authorities & Councils

We currently work with several local authorities and councils in order to recycle their waste mattresses and are quite familiar and experienced at delivering a service to government bodies which includes producing the  essential reports for all weights and items sent to us along with all other necessary documentation to ensure everything is accounted for

Waste Management Companies

Waste Management companies continue to send their waste mattresses to us for recycling as we have the capacity to handle their volumes and the flexibility to unload and turn vehicles around in double-quick time which often helps to eases the volume issues at their busy recycling centres

“almost 100% of a mattress is perfectly recyclable so why choose incineration or landfill
 . . . it doesn’t make sense when there is so much at stake environmentally”

  • Virtually all mattresses are made up of completely recyclable materials such as metal, plastic and natural fibres
  • A high percentage of mattresses have large amounts of either Polyester or Polyurethane in them which are both plastics and as we all know plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfill
  • Landfilling a mattress means all of its elements are gone forever and can never be reused and therefore new materials have to be mined to make new ones which generates a needless amount of CO2 emissions
  • The UK has set targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 34% by 2021 so removing waste mattresses and recycling them instead will help massively
  • Over 3,000 tonnes of mattresses get landfilled every week which is a huge waste of resources and an unnecessary harmful amount of CO2
  • Landfilling waste mattresses is definitely the wrong thing to do especially when there is a perfectly viable recycling solution available 

Many local authorities and waste management companies still send complete mattresses to be burnt for either energy recovery or to fuel cement kilns rather than recycling them

Some companies shred waste mattresses first in order to obtain the metal from them but that still destroys all of the other equally valuable and easily recoverable materials such as the Polyester, Polyurethane and Cotton that would otherwise be retained if those mattresses were to be recycled

  • Burning valuable materials discourages recycling and creates incentives to generate more waste
  • Burning waste contributes to harmful climate change
  • Burning waste produces toxic emissions
  • Ash from Incineration has to be landfilled anyway
  • Burning waste creates less employment opportunities than recycling 
  • Incineration can release heavy metals and toxic chemicals into the air
  • All of those valuable materials are lost for good never to be reused


Each mattress that enters either of our recycling centres gets processed in a way that we ensure all materials that can be recycled, get recycled.

With almost 2,000 mattresses per week processed by us, then over the last two years since we launched the company then that’s getting on for 6,000 tonnes of materials that have been diverted from landfill or incineration

All of those materials have gone on to have secondary lives in either new product manufacturing or back into the mattress industry which creates a much needed and valuable circular economy for waste mattress materials

  • Recycling waste mattresses recovers up to 20 different material types 
  • It generates jobs and creates wealth within the UK
  • Enables our customers to meet their environmental targets
  • It’s the right thing to do


We already work with several local authorities and well-known waste management companies and can boast a very impressive track record when it comes to helping them achieve their targeted recycling rates for waste mattresses. Our system and process is ideal for councils in order to address part of their bulky waste issues and we are happy to discuss ways in which we can help partner and facilitate recycling of mattresses with your local authority or company throughout the UK