Divan Bed Base Recycling

Bed Base Units Are Equally As Important As The Mattresses



Almost every element that makes up a bed base unit, whether that’s a solid wood frame, Divan sets with drawers or Ottoman storage bed units, are perfectly recyclable and we will ensure each and every part is reused to manufacture new products. We won’t compact or shred them just to then be sent to incineration or buried in the ground as that destroys those valuable resource forever that could have otherwise been reused 

 <Stage 1

Each base unit is checked inside and out for any foreign objects which are then removed along with any outer packaging


Stage 2>

Next we remove the wheels, wheel casings and any plastic or metal identification tags

 <Stage 3

Metals from wheels and casing are recycled together with the steel mattress springs


Stage 4>

Next we remove the stapled-on non-woven Polypropylene bottom sheet

 <Stage 5

Once the wheels and their holders have gone, we then remove the outer fabric by pulling the material away from the staples


Stage 6>

This then exposes the wooden frame which is as good as new except for some small staple impressions and holes

 <Stage 7

Some bed base frames have a comfort spring with a fabric pad attached which we then peel away


Stage 8>

The Polyurethane corner pads are easily removed by hand and recycled together with other Pu Foam materials we get from mattresses

<Stage 9

Depending upon requirements, the exposed spring is prised away using a specific tool and recycled with our other metal material


Stage 10>

Our preferred option where possible, is to have the remaining frame structure reused by companies who will re-cover it and thus giving the materials an environmentally friendly option and not needlessly destroyed