Mattress Recycling Experts

We are pretty good at recycling divan bed bases and headboards too


We aim to encourage everyone to avoid needlessly disposing their bed items in landfill or through incineration by recycling them responsibly with us and therefore reducing harmful gasses such as CO2 from entering the atmosphere

Retail & Contract Bed Manufacturers

Take a look at what we do to recycle old mattresses and how we can help you run a very successful “Take-Back Scheme” no matter how many or how often you get them. We have the capacity, systems and expertise to cater for your business needs

Hotel, Leisure & Student Accomodation

If your business is in the hotel or leisure sector or involves student accomodation then you probably have a need to dispose of mattresses more frequently than most. With ever increasing pressure from clients to be more environmentally ethical then we offer the service to help you deliver on those expectations

All Others

We recycle mattresses from all sorts of places such as Hospitals, NHS units and Retirement Homes through to MOD, Prison facilities and even from Caravans and Driver Sleeper Cabs. 
So if you’ve got a number of waste mattresses that you would like to be recycled and not thrown into landfill or needlessly incinerated, then we have the answer 

Local Authority & Waste Management

Are you under constant pressure to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill or incineration and meet carbon reduction targets?

Then, why not consider sending your waste mattresses to us just like so many other local authorities and waste management companies do.

We Can Recycle The Entire Bed

From the Mattress through to the Bed Base and even the Headboard can have every element recycled so why would anyone incinerate or landfill them

Mattress Recycling

We recycle thousands of them every month which has a massive saving on carbon emissions. If you have waste mattresses then you really should be talking to us

Divan Bed Base Recycling

See what we do with them and how nothing goes to waste as every bit gets reused in one way or another

Headboard Recycling

Perfectly recyclable as 100% of the materials used to manufacture headboards can be broken down by us and reused to make new items

Pillows & Duvets Recycling

Difficult for most recyclers to deal with but we can offer a great solution to fully recycle most pillows and duvets

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